Kylie De Briais Backer
28 Mar 2019

With the stress and hussle and bussle of daily life continue to take it's toll on our bodies and mind, it's no wonder the demand for candles is on the rise. Now while lighting your favorite fragrant candle for some much deserved me time before bed often offers at least temporary relief, many of the Candle you purchase are made from paraffin wax with synthetic fragrance. When burned, paraffin wax (made from petroleum waste) creates toxic benzene and toluene chemicals, both of which are known carcinogens. It means that breathing them in is as bad for your health as second-hand smoke. If you suffer from headaches when a candle is burning, it may well be down to the paraffin. What's more, the artificial scents and dyes often used can also release harmful chemicals when burned, possibly triggering asthma attacks and allergies. The best thing about Le Reve Aromatherapy Candle range is that the Candles are totally free of nasties. All 4 canldes in the Le Reve aromatherapy range are non-toxic, with cotton wicks to ensure a safe, clean burn, and each candle features a blend of natural essential oils each with a purpose - stressless, relaxing, energizing and winter wellness. Quality has not been compromised for ethics, either – the throw on these is just as impressive if not better than your favourite luxury brand. With a 95 hour burn time and stlyish thick glass jar these candles are fantastic value for money.

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