Stress-Less Aromatherapy Candle


Release the tensions and unwind with a pure essential oil blend of bergamot, cedarwood, jasmine, lavender, lime, orange and ylang ylang.
Le Rêve Aromatherapy candles feature a 100% Natural soy wax base saturated with pure essential oils. This premium blend is hand-poured into a contemporary glass jar and finished with a pure cotton wick.
Diffuse your chosen blend of essential oils into the air delivering pleasant, therapeutic aromas. Burn time of up to 95 hours.


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Jo Emett
20 Mar 2019

One of my FAVOURITE Le Reve Products is the Stressless Aromatherapy Candle!!! Containing Essential Oils of Bergamot, Cedarwood, Jasmine, Lavender, Lime, Orange and Ylang Ylang, I LOVE the smell, and I love (even more), the effects it has when I burn it!!! My favourite time of the day, to light my stressless candle is when we have dinner. I have 3 children, and things can get pretty loud and crazy round this time of the day!!!! We have the stressless candle going in the middle of the table, and I have found it helps to keep everyone (including me), calmer and more settled!!!

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