Lina Lolita
28 Mar 2019

W love Skin Revival Bath Body Oil! Here is my boy Joshua. He got dry, red and rough skin on his face occasionally (thanks to Melbourne weather) Especially on his cheeks, chin, under nose and lips. We have been using Skin Revival for quite some times in our family. I used it for my cracked heels, on Jeremy’s break out (yes I have a teenager! ) And also at Jeslyn’s legs for that smooth feels. Kids love the beautiful smell. This time I remembered taking the photos and sharing them here Hopefully it helps others who suffer dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, acne, tinea and more. Day 1: Came home from school he complained that his cheeks were so dry. U can see on photo, it was flaky and red. So I rub some on. And re-applied again before bed time. Day 2: He woke up in the morning, redness gone but still feeling dry. So I rubbed the oils on his face before school and before he went to bed. Day 3: He woke up with smooth skin, and smile on his face Skin revival oil contains 100% pure essential oil. The refreshing blend contains lime, orange, lemon , ylang ylang peppermint patchouli, spearmint and sandalwood pure essentials oils.

Shell Sommers
28 Mar 2019

I have had psoriasis all my life and have tried everything to try and control or clear it but nothing has worked. I have been looking for a product that would help my skin, was all natural and wouldn’t do any damage to my skin at the same time. I tried Le Reve’s Skin Revival Bath and Body Oil straight on my skin and was surprised to find that it stopped the itchiness which in turn clamed my skin as I was no longer scratching. 12 months on and it has help to clear my skin and I am now getting complements on how amazing my skin is looking and I couldn’t be happier.

Andrea Hosking
28 Mar 2019

The most luxurious and necessary item in the bathroom For ALL SKIN issues I use it daily in the shower as a body wash it livens up my skin it’s like a vitamin for the skin ,I love its healing ability on rashes, sores, cuts bruises, softening dry skin and most importantly this time of year SUNBURN I’ve been caught a couple of times as our sun is so vicious here in NZ, you can get burnt even on an overcast day! It doesn’t hurt to apply on the sunburn giving instant relief from the pain heat and sting, it heals the burnt area quickly and hydrates the skin which avoids peeling , I apply as often as I can and certainly for relief from the discomfort- a must to try sleep when you have the burn Its constantly packed in my toilet bag so it never gets missed when I pack to go away

Shev Herrick
28 Mar 2019

This stuff is A-MA-ZING! Weve battled eczema for 5 years now. All the lotions and potions on the market. All the diet changes. You name it weve tried it! Along comes skin revival. Its no longer a battle. Such a relief for both myself and my 5yo. He now asks for "his oil" (as he puts it) when he feels his skin needs attention. My only regret.... I wish Id found this earlier.

Stephanie Fedley
28 Mar 2019

I find the luxurious Skin Revival Bath and Body Oil an indulgence for my skin. It has treated rashes, sunburn, skin irritations, Eczema, Dermatitis and dry skin for my children and myself with gentleness and effectiveness. My son’s sunburn disappeared overnight and I treat myself daily to this luxurious oil for skin irritations and dryness. With the high quality carrier oils and therapeutic grade essential oils it rejuvenates and restores my skin to a youthful glow. I give this oil a 10 out of 10 for effectiveness and quality. Please try some Le Reve Skin Revival Bath and Body Oil today and feel the luxury for yourself.

Vanessa Rea
20 Mar 2019

Before I signed up as a LeReve consultant, Skin revival was the first product I purchased. I purchased it because I loved the smell of it – refreshing, sort of spritzy (if that’s a word) I use it as a face and body moisturiser, for sunburn relief and it is fantastic to soak in the bath, its makes you feel so relaxed. I recommend this product to so many people due to its many uses but most people fall in love with the smell of it, just like I did.

Tania Cowan
20 Mar 2019

I have had a number of surgeries in the last 18 months and was worried about scarring as one was very visible on my neck. From the day the dressings came off I would apply Skin Revival Bath & Body Oil twice a day to assist in the healing process. Not only was the scent calming the benefits to the healing skin was awesome. I am happy to say that most people can’t even see the scar until I tell them about it. Also my skin has been dry all my life and my other favourite thing to do is apply a thin coating after my nightly shower to my entire body to give my skin a “drink” and add moisture back to it. The smell permeates the bathroom and leaves it smelling fresh!

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