11 Mar 2021

I brought this March 2020. Honestly was the best buy. Still have it in my bathroom to this day. Am definitely buying another one. Awesome job LeRêve

Michelle McLean
28 Mar 2019

To be completely honest, in the past I've preferred candles over reeds, as I've never found that the reeds I've had have maintained a scent. However, this has not been my experience with the Le Reve Reed Diffusers. I was at a Christmas Party at my Directors house, right before I became a consultant with Le Reve, and when I used her bathroom I loved the scent of the Japanese Honeysuckle, it was so sweet and fresh. When I did buy my own, which I placed in my outside laundry and bathroom, my 20 year old daughter eventually said to me, "I've been trying to work out what the smell is in the bathroom, it reminds me of when I was a teenager for some reason" and it wasn't till her friend visited (of the same age) who said, "Why does your bathroom smell like Hello Kitty perfume from when I was a kid?" and the mystery was solved! I had no idea that the Japanese Honeysuckle Reed Diffuser had a similar smell to a fragrance from my daughter's earlier teenage years, but I'm really pleased that she (and her friends!) love the smell and that it invokes happy memories for them. I've sold quite a few of the Le Reve Reed Diffusers, because their fragrances are not only beautiful and tantalise the senses, but they also last for so long, for 6 months at least. I thought it would fade out, but I'm so impressed with it's staying power. Good job Le Reve!

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