Start your own side business with LeRêve to earn extra income and enjoy other unique benefits.

Join our growing community of beauty and wellness Consultants who are sharing products they love and earning generous rewards. While a number of our Consultants work their LeRêve business fulltime, most treat it as a side business, balancing a couple of Parties a week with other commitments such as work, study and family. You can choose to hold in-home Parties with groups of friends, or work from the comfort of your own couch hosting virtual Parties over Facebook. Or you can do a mix of both! We offer full support and training, exciting promotions and incentives, personal and professional development courses and lots of FUN along the way.

LeRêve is a well-established and highly-respected brand offering beauty and wellness products that people love. Our products are in high demand right now! We invite you take a closer look by reading the information on this page and clicking the links. When you're ready, we'll put you in touch with someone lovely.  

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Some Consultants are content with $150 per week for conducting one Party. Others generate a six-figure annual income by conducting three to four personal Parties each week and leading a team. With commissions and bonuses ranging from 20% to 50% on your personal sales and with additional team royalties on offer, you can build a highly lucrative and rewarding Consultancy with LeRêve. It's true what they say... You can get paid to Party!

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It’s official – there is no “type”. Our Consultants come from diverse age groups, cultures and backgrounds, each with a unique story and ambitious personal vision. They are united in their passion for sharing high quality beauty and wellness products within their respective communities. Meet a few of our amazing Consultants who are working with passion, living out their dreams and inspiring others…

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What qualifications are required to join?

There are no tertiary requirements or courses to complete to become a LeRêve Consultant. You don’t need to have sales experience nor do you have to be a fragrance expert, aromatherapist or qualified beauty technician. Provided you are over 18 and are willing to learn and develop your skills, we can assist you to be successful. Oh and it helps if you are already madly in love with our products.

How much do I need to invest?

To register as a Consultant, you are required to purchase a Business Kit. Our Deluxe Kit is valued at over $550 but yours for just $295. Our smaller Virtual Kit is valued at more than $250 but is priced at a low $165. Both Kits contain sample products, sales aids and training resources to help you get started. Furthermore, we offer incentives to expand your Kit with additional free products and sales aids. So in short, you need to invest either $165 or $295 to start your LeRêve business.

What is included in the Business Kits?

There are four LeRêve Kits to choose from – Perfume, Candles, Skincare or Aromatherapy. Each Kit contains a combination of full-size display products and mini sample products. You’ll also find training materials plus marketing literature and other useful sales aids. To begin your Consultancy, choose the Kit in the product range that most excites you.

What support is available to me?

Plenty! First and foremost, your sponsoring Consultant is like a best friend in the business. She will work alongside you and encourage you every step of the way. Second, there’s your upline Director who is a trained leader, responsible for coaching you and running regular celebration meetings for her team. Often the sponsoring Consultant and upline Director are the same person. Then there’s the support you’ll get direct from the Company. LeRêve provides a wealth of training resources and marketing tools, runs regular business and personal development events, and provides a full time Consultant Support team who are a click or call away anytime you require assistance.   

What is a Party?

A Party is where a group of friends catch up and socialise while they shop. There are two types of Parties in LeRêve, the 'in-home Party' and the 'virtual Party'. An in-home Party includes fun socialising and product sampling, and can be held in a home, office, park, cafe, salon, club – virtually anywhere. People love shopping with their friends in a relaxed environment – especially women. Often the Host will serve drinks and nibbles, and sometimes the guests like it when games are part of the event. But a Party can also be a very simple affair where you sit around the kitchen table and sample products over coffee. Then there's the virtual Party which is broadcast live over Facebook and includes shopping and socialising without the sampling. The virtual Party Host invites her friends to a Facebook Event and everyone tunes in from the comfort of their own home - no cleaning, showering or food prep necessary! Both Partying options sure beat the big shopping malls where you’re constantly on your feet, carrying heavy bags to a crowded car park, never able to properly sample or learn much about a product range. You can buy a dress from a shop, but you cannot sample concentrated Parfum to find your signature fragrance, or experience a wide range of scented Candles and Reed Diffusers, or sample premium Skincare on your skin, and you certainly can’t participate in a workshop to learn about the healing benefits of Pure Essential Oils. The retail stores simply cannot match our high level of service, product touch points, demonstration ability and overall customer satisfaction. We love to Party!

Do I have to talk in front of people?

Conducting Parties is not at all like public speaking. It's normal to feel nervous about talking in front of people, and that's why we provide prompt notes and slides to help you conduct your presentation in a simple sequence - whether you're speaking around the table with a small group of friends or talking into your phone on a Facebook Live. Your first few Parties would likely be with family and close friends who will love and support you. From there your confidence will grow and before you know it, you'll be a Party expert. 

How do I make Party appointments?

You’ll be most successful with product sales and finding people to join your team by conducting regular Parties. The easiest way to get initial Party appointments in your diary is to contact family and friends who would be interested in the products or who would be happy to help you launch your business by hosting. We ask you to book at least four Parties to begin - they can be in-home or virtual. You’ll have a stronger start by booking six to eight. Your Director can help you coach your initial Hosts so your first Parties are successful and set you up for exciting rewards and momentum. From there, ongoing Party appointments will grow and flow. 

Can I sell products online?

Yes! The bulk of our customer sales are generated at in-home Parties where guests can touch, smell and sample our beautiful products. Once a customer has purchased some products and fallen in love with them, she can reorder online anytime. And here’s the best part – each reorder is linked to the Consultant who earns commission on the sale. So you can be sleeping and earn money while your customers are shopping online! Further to this, you can promote your business via social media and of course conduct virtual Parties through Facebook Live. The Company provides you with guidelines and marketing tools to support this process. You could conduct a virtual Party for 100 people scattered around the country without leaving home! 

How do I process orders?

You may take orders from customers using the LeRêve Consultant App on your mobile device, or through our online Consultant ordering portal on a computer. Your upline will show you the process which is always evolving with new technology.

How many hours do I need to work?

It’s completely up to you. For some Consultants, their LeRêve business is the main source of household income, while for others it’s a side hustle that fits with regular employment or study. Many of our Consultants are stay-at-home mums who enjoy the balance of some time spent with the children and some time spent with adult company, working their LeRêve Consultancy. You might decide to only invest a few hours each week to conduct one or two Parties or you could devote full time energy to growing an empire that delivers full time income and other exciting rewards. The choice is yours.  

How do I get paid?

You’ll earn 20% instant sales profit on everything you sell. When a customer pays for her order, you keep 20% and LeRêve collects the other 80%. But that’s just the beginning – there are monthly sales targets to strive for which trigger additional cash and free product bonuses, so some of the 80% can come straight back to you and is paid into your bank account. In fact, starting level Consultants can earn up to 50% in sales profit and bonuses just on personal sales alone. The income really accelerates when you sponsor Consultants and earn royalties on team sales. It’s a perfectly fair system where Consultants who do more, earn more. Then there’s regular gift incentives, access to world-class speakers, achiever’s dinner events plus our annual International Convention in an exotic location staying 5-star. 


STEP 1 – Book Party appointments and invest in your Business Kit

Whichever Business Kit you choose, you'll have everything you need to begin conducting Parties in your first 30 days. Ask your sponsoring Consultant about special join offers that may be applicable and network with friends to fill your diary with Party appointments.

STEP 2 – Activate your Consultancy and learn while you earn

Upon completion of your initial Parties, you’ll be rewarded with free products and sales aids to expand your Business Kit – on top of instant commissions you earn. LeRêve’s online training portal, coupled with mentoring from your sponsoring Consultant, will help grow your skill set along the way.

STEP 3 – Grow your business and achieve greater rewards

You’ll quickly discover how easy and rewarding it is to share the business opportunity with others. Balance your time with conducting personal Parties – online or in-home – and growing your own team. LeRêve will support your leadership development and recognise your every achievement.


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