Headache Help Intensive Hit Roll On


A soothing blend containing essential oils that have been traditionally used in aromatherapy helping to alleviate the pain and discomfort of headaches and mild migraines.

Each of the recommended uses stated is based on accumulated knowledge of the way these oils have been used in traditional aromatherapy. 

  • Provides temporary relief of headaches, and mild forms of neuralgic and migraine headaches
  • Gives symptomatic relief of tension headache, mild migraines and hangovers
  • Provides relief of sleeplessness, nervous tension and stress
  • Provides symptomatic relief of sinusitis and mild fatigue

Contains: Lime, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Jojoba, Natural Vitamin E

LeRêve Intensive Hit Roll Ons are 100% natural and are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Each Roll On contains a strong dosage of LeRêve Pure Essential Oils mixed with Jojoba Oil and a dash of Vitamin E. Ideally sized for portability, use directly on the skin as needed (avoid sensitive areas).

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist seek medical advice.




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Charmain Buttigieg
28 Mar 2019

A long time friend is a very sceptical person, but I didn't let that stop me introducing a product I love when she had a headache. So I asked if I can put some Headache Help on her and she said yeah why not I've spent $100s of dollars to help her with her headaches and nothing works. I put some on her wrist and temple and forehead as that's where she said her headache was. Then my friend said that her daughter has breathing problems so yes you guessed it, I pulled out my Breath Easy Roller and put some on her. After 15 minutes my friend asked me to buy some of that stuff as her headache has now gone. She was so happy as she said she has tried so many things. After another 10mins her daughter sat next to her and my friend said omg I can actually hear her breathing through her nose she hasn't been able to do that in years. She ordered both Rollerballs.

Andrea Hosking
28 Mar 2019

I’m a sufferer of the Migraine, in the past I was prescribed strong medication, it eased but never removed the migraine My migraines were a whole of head headache an extreme pain like your head was being squashed, behind my eyes was painful and light sensitive with blurred vision, also accompanied with nausea and sometimes vomiting, I would retreat to a cave for the 3 days it lasted, I usually suffered 1 a month (I think they are hormonal) HOWEVER – when I first feel the sensation of a migraine coming, I roll the HEADACHE HELP ROLLON all over my head, temples and neck, as often as I can usually every 2hrs for the day and it REMOVES the progression of the migraine, which means I avoid prescription medications a I personally love and NEED this product its with me 24/7 I come across friends and party guests that have a headache and I pull out my rollerball and it removes their discomfort, I have many loyal customers who suffer migraines also who use it with great results Best thing is you can get it FREE with purchases

Michael Lindsay
28 Mar 2019

I was first introduced to the Le Reve Aromatherapy range at a party my mum had. At the time I was suffering from constant headaches, I was advised to try the Headache Help roll on to see if it would help. I was skeptical to begin with but after applying this to my forehead and temples, it only took moments and I noticed the relief that came from this oil. I placed my order that day and now I don't leave home without it. It was the beginning of my now growing collection. Thank you Le Reve.

Roseanne Stone
28 Mar 2019

Headache help. My little roll on relief not just for headaches but for those of us that suffer neuralgia in any form. After suffering shingles in my head some years ago I am now left with neuralgia which can be as debilitating as shingles itself. I run Headache help over the area of the neuralgia and within minutes the pain has dissipated prior to fully disappearing. Our household now has Headache Help in the car. In my handbag. In the kitchen. In the lounge and in the bedroom!!! A must have not to be without. LOVE LOVE LOVE LE REVE

Karen H
20 Mar 2019

I wouldn't be without it now. When I was first introduced to LeReve Ready to use range I was a little sceptical, as I only knew a little about aromatheraphy. Anyway at this time I had been having headache after headache sometimes lasting up to 3 weeks at a time. I was living on panodol anyway I tried the headache help rollerball and boy was i surprised it worked wonders. I still get headches but no where as frequent as i did maybe once in six months and I use my rollerball which clears it fairly fast. I have found in the last 3years u have only had to use panadol about 4 times and most of those is because I had forgotten my headache help. Its amazing, just love, love my aromatherapy

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