PMS Ease Intensive Hit Roll On


A relaxing blend containing essential oils that have been traditionally used in aromatherapy to help ease the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS.

Each of the recommended uses stated is based on accumulated knowledge of the way these oils have been used in traditional aromatherapy.

  • Provides relief of pre-menstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps and other menstrual symptoms
  • May assist in the management of heavy periods and dysmenorrhea
  • Provides prevention and relief of muscular cramps and spasms
  • May assist with the management of mild mood swings and stress disorders
  • May assist in maintaining peripheral circulation and promoting general health
  • Provides symptomatic relief of tension headaches and mild migraine

Contains: Lavender, Bergamot, Marjoram, Cypress, Jasmine, Jojoba, Natural Vitamin E

LeRêve Intensive Hit Roll Ons are 100% natural and are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Each Roll On contains a strong dosage of LeRêve Pure Essential Oils mixed with Jojoba Oil and a dash of Vitamin E. Ideally sized for portability, use directly on the skin as needed (avoid sensitive areas).

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist seek medical advice.


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casie w
25 May 2020

I was a little skeptical at first but decided to try it anyway. I get really bad cramps especially during the night and always forget where I put my wheat bear or my hot water bottle. This eases my pain straight away and I keep it next to the bed so I don’t have to get out of bed

05 May 2020

I love my PMS ease roll on. I also use the body oil. Helps me around that time of the month as I suffer a lot with pain.

Courtney Jackson
28 Mar 2019

I was very new to Lereve and a bit undecided about aromatherapy. I had such awful pain and cramps which I had never experienced prior to having children so was a bit shocked. I didn't even have my own roll on, I used my friends PMS Ease roll on and it worked straight away! I couldn't believe it. This one experience changed my view on aromatherapy. One of my absolute favourite oil blends!

Chantelle Di Blasi
28 Mar 2019

This blend has been amazing! I used to be a skeptic and never believed that aromatherapy could really help with pain. Until one day I had no pain killers left in my drawer at work and my friend handed me her roll on. Work is not the most ideal place to be in pain and I had no other options. Since that day I have never reached for the pain killers again. Now I never leave the house without it and I apply it more often than any other blend in the range! What a game changer to discover that I didn't need to rely on pain killers anymore!

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