Passionberry Nectar Parfum Grande


A tropical explosion of juicy fruits and flowers, with apricot, blackcurrant, melon, passionfruit, vanilla, hibiscus and lotus flower.

LeRêve fragrances are meticulously blended using only the finest essences and pure, naturally derived ingredients. Our fragrances are produced in highly concentrated Parfum – stronger and longer lasting than diluted products such as eau de parfum and eau de toilette.

Lightly apply to pulse points on the wrist, ear, neck or décolletage.



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Mel F
27 Feb 2024

Such a great fragrance, so fresh and citrusy

Mama T
29 Apr 2023

This smells amazing. First used my mum's and straight away hooked, great to wear in the islands. Cant wait to order myself one.

Sisilia E
24 Feb 2023

I love this fragrance, it's really original and worthy to spend money on!

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