Big and Little Coughs


Big & Little Coughs

Recently, my baby caught a cold and his cough continued to persist. During the night, my baby was really congested and it was difficult for him to breathe. It was hard watching my baby unwell trying to battle his terrible cold. I tried what I could to relieve the symptoms of my baby’s cold and cough and purchased a LeRêve Breathe Easy Roll-On which is a natural product containing 100% pure essential oils.

My husband was skeptical about the effectiveness of the aromatherapy roll-on however I insisted we give it a go. I applied some Breathe Easy to my baby’s chest and throat area and it worked instantly! I couldn’t believe how effective the aromatherapy roll-on was in clearing my baby’s airways and chest. I was so pleased! My husband was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of the essential oil blend and commented on it multiple times!

I highly recommend the LeRêve aromatherapy roll-on range. It is safe for adults and babies alike so give it a go!

I work in a demanding job where I can often have early starts and not much time for a break during the day. As a result, I often suffer from sore shoulders, backaches and tired eyes. I have recently started taking my convenient LeRêve Intensive Hit Roll-Ons to work with me and I am thrilled with the results! The Stress-Less, Brain Power and Winter Wellness roll-ons have been the only thing getting me through my days!

Jennifer K, LeRêve customer of Liz Blake, VIC




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