Homemade Slime Recipe with Essential Oils

Slime will keep your kids of all ages busy for hours! This homemade slime recipe with essential oils is quick to make, inexpensive, fun and therapeutic with the added benefits of 100% pure essential oils by LeRêve.

The perfect school holiday craft activity your kids are sure to love plus your house will smell great too and you will all experience the benefits of the pure essential oils you choose to add to your slime!

Pull out the cookie cutters and make some slime cookies!


125mL white craft glue
1 tbs liquid starch
½ tsp bicarb soda
a few drops of your choice of essential oil
a few drops of food colouring and glitter if you wish


Pour glue into a bowl. Add the starch a little at a time. Stir continuously.

Add bicarb soda, quickly followed by the essential oil, colour and glitter (optional) before the slime starts to set. Stir constantly and the slime will start to pull away from the edges of the bowl. Stir until you have a single ball in the centre of the bowl.

Leave it aside to set for about 15 minutes which gives it time to lose its stickiness.

Your slime is then ready to play with!

Pure Essential Oil Suggestions:

Lavender: Calming
LemonLimeOrange: Uplifting
Peppermint: Refreshing

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