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The Rewards Are Amazing

I joined LeRêve when I was just 20 years old. At the time I was working 40 hours a week in a pharmacy and the thought of working part-time while earning full-time income (and having lots of fun) was very appealing!

In my first 12 months, this amazing Company paid me more than I had ever earned for doing something I enjoyed. They also took my partner, Brett, and me to Thailand for our first LeRêve Convention. A year later LeRêve gave me my first Company car - how many 22-year olds get that opportunity?! My LeRêve earnings also paid for my wedding, honeymoon, a deposit for our first home and a seven-week holiday to Europe.

When I had my son Xavier eleven years ago, I was able to run my business and still earn good income whilst being on maternity leave. I worked at my own pace and even brought my baby with me to my LeRêve Parties and overseas conventions.

I now also have a beautiful 7-year old daughter, Sienna, who loves being my little business helper. They have both been on many fun LeRêve holidays with Brett and me. I am truly grateful to LeRêve for giving me the opportunity to earn rewards comparable to a corporate career, with the flexibility to work part time around my family. I feel so valued and appreciated and I love nothing more than sharing this incredible business opportunity with other like-minded people.

Krissy is a LeRêve Executive Director from Geelong


Four Businesses in One

Wearing the world’s finest Parfum every day, lighting Candles and dipping Reeds to create my own little slice of paradise at home, learning all about the many benefits and uses of 100% Pure Essential Oils, and using revolutionary, all-natural, bio-scientific Skincare to look and feel younger… I actually have four businesses in one with LeRêve!

I have loved LeRêve products since I was a teenager, but it was October 2018 when I decided to partner with LeRêve to create my own social selling business. I knew I loved the products, but I wasn’t expecting so much ‘product-love’ from family, friends and complete strangers who reached out to me when I announced I was now a Consultant. Everybody around me seems to love LeRêve which made getting started easy.

I have been warmly welcomed into the LeRêve family and am grateful for the time and investment made to help me grow and develop as a leader in the business – both from my upline and the owners of the Company.

LeRêve gives me the balance of being in business for myself and I’m living a lifestyle I just love. I get to socialise freely, share beautiful products and support other likeminded women to do the same.

Meryl is a LeRêve Director from Adelaide


The More I Do, The More I Receive

When I first tried LeRêve Parfum I instantly fell in love. Perfume is very important in my culture; it is viewed as a precious gift to make a woman feel beautiful. After spraying my first bottle completely dry, I decided to become a LeRêve Consultant so I could share the perfumes with all my family and friends.

Many years on, I’ve built my LeRêve Perfume business all around Australia and New Zealand and am enjoying a six-figure annual income. I have experienced many wonderful lifestyle events and have made lots of life-long friends in the process.

Driving a free Company car is the thing I love most in LeRêve. My car is a wonderful advertisement for my social business – and people always notice it because of the beautiful branding. Most companies don’t give you a free car to drive, but in the 15 years I’ve been with LeRêve, they’ve given me five – and each one gets better (I’m currently driving a top model Land Rover Discovery Sports AWD)! Driving around in my fully paid Company car makes me feel successful and my children are so proud of me.

I’m excited to put effort into growing my LeRêve business – I love the principle of reward for effort that LeRêve is built on, and I know that the more I do, the more I receive.

Mele is a LeRêve Senior Executive Director from Sydney


Where Magic Happens

I was looking for something to support our income that allowed me to be home with our kids and that fit around my husband’s shift work. I also didn’t want to pay a fortune in childcare! I didn’t find anything suitable until one day LeRêve fell in my lap. I attended a Party and wanted to buy everything, so I booked my own to receive discounts and freebies. Then came the option to join as a Consultant…

At the time, I lacked confidence and suffered post-natal depression. I felt I wasn’t good at anything anymore, including being a mum. It seemed like a big step to take, not knowing how things would work out, but as my mum used to say, “The magic always happens outside your comfort zone.” Wise words!

I’m so glad I made the decision to join LeRêve. It’s given me much more than just fantastic income. I’ve developed amazing friendships, achieved the balance to work when I want, and my self-belief has been restored.

I feel blessed to be able to have FUN every day in this business whilst making people feel good. LeRêve can be whatever you want it to be. For me it ticks all the boxes and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity.”

Kiri Longworth, Director from New Plymouth


I’m addicted to the products

I fell in love with LeRêve way back when I was in high school. Mum had a Perfume Party and I got my first bottle of concentrated LeRêve Parfum. Friends would ask me what fragrance I was wearing or tell me how beautiful I smelled. Though it was a small thing, it certainly made me feel special.

LeRêve products mean more to me now than just pretty fragrance. My father and I were diagnosed with cancer at roughly the same time and we used LeRêve Essential Oils to manage pain and alleviate the side effects of the treatments we endured. For me, the products were both life-saving and life-changing. As soon as I was well enough, I became a Consultant so I could share the benefits with others.

My three beautiful children are also addicted to LeRêve! I love the Sweet Sleep Blend that helps calm them every single night. My daughter loves to pamper herself with our Skin Revival Blend. And my two autistic sons use Essential Oils every day to help manage their disabilities. I use every single product and am more in love with LeRêve today than I was 25 years ago when I first sprayed that Parfum bottle.

Kylie is a LeRêve Senior Director from Sydney


It allows us to dream big

When we started in LeRêve, we had no idea how to grow a business – we just liked the products. Then we attended a national seminar together and through professional training we came home with a vision and plan for how we could grow. We’ve been Directors for four years now and the rewards have been amazing – including a free trip to South Africa, a once-in-a-lifetime experience we could never have dreamed of before.

LeRêve has shifted our thinking to focus not only on what we want but how to share the gift and experiences with others. Doing LeRêve together has built our confidence and changed the way we communicate as a couple. It has given us the opportunity to be leaders of a team with fellow brothers and sisters that we share the success journey with. We’ve established a network of friends from various places around New Zealand and with people of different ethnic backgrounds. We are so privileged to work with such an awesome team!

LeRêve has inspired us to set goals for our family’s future and to dream BIG. We know that if we don’t dream about the things we want to achieve then they will never happen! We want to say a big thank you to the Hobby family for welcoming us into your LeRêve family and for already making some of our dreams come true. Malo Aupito

Lizzy & Felise are LeRêve Directors from Auckland


This is our family business for life 

I joined LeRêve as a newly married 25-year old. Daniel and I had just finished building a new home and I found myself wanting all these new things that the budget didn't allow. I looked at different business opportunities to find one that would give me financial freedom and great travel experiences without the burden of 9-5 work commitments – especially once the children came along.

So I started this little perfume ‘business-in-a-box’ that fit in the boot of my car. People thought I was crazy… “You have a degree in social work and psychology plus a secure job, focus on that!” But deep down I knew there was a better career that could deliver on my terms. Fast forward 17 years, joining LeRêve has proven to be the best career decision of my life.

I now have two gorgeous kids, Darcy & Ava, and I run a thriving business while being home to enjoy all their firsts. The income from LeRêve has helped us buy a better home for the kids to grow up in, a holiday house to enjoy the summer, and several new cars paid for by the Company. Best of all is the endless travel opportunities with LeRêve. My kids are growing up experiencing international travel as a regular part of their life, gaining cultural experiences that school or home life can’t teach them. I’m glad I made that decision years ago to take on that little box of perfumes! 

Bree is a LeRêve Executive Director from Melbourne


I Have the Best Career

I joined LeRêve to advance my career without sacrificing time spent with my husband and four children (who I absolutely adore)! I had a prominent corporate role before starting my LeRêve business and it was important to me that I could have the same career progression and income earning opportunities in any new business venture.

I was introduced to the products and immediately fell in love - it made LeRêve an easy choice for me. I quickly achieved some sales success and I found it so much more enjoyable than the long and grinding hours of my previous vocation.

Today, my LeRêve income has far exceeded what I was earning in my fulltime corporate career, enabling my family and I to enjoy a lifestyle we never thought was possible. 

I love the integrity, ethics and professionalism of this family-run Company. No matter what level you’re at, you are coached, supported and nurtured at every step. The personal development I’ve experienced has been the biggest reward of all and surpasses anything I could have experienced in my previous industry.

That’s why LeRêve truly is my dream career.

Antoinette is a LeRêve Senior Executive Director from Melbourne



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