Personalised Beauty Ritual

There are five steps in the LeRêve Beauty Ritual, but we acknowledge that everyone has different schedules, time pressures and daily habits so we strongly encourage our Skincare users to follow their own Personalised Beauty Ritual.

We wanted our Skincare range to be easy to use, without unnecessary steps that add expense and application time. It has been designed to be modular and flexible, but always enjoyable.

*Every LeRêve Face Serum is loaded with active ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. Here’s the great news – you don’t have to choose just one Serum to use. You can use multiple Face Serums in the one application – you can create a ‘Serum cocktail’ and spread them over the face at the same time or you can massage them in one by one. Alternatively, you can rotate the use of your Serums each day, using one Serum today, a different Serum tomorrow, and so forth. You can personalise your ritual however you wish!

Even though our Skincare users will form their own Personalised Beauty Ritual, we provide a guide to follow using the five steps. There is the ideal which we recommend for maximum efficacy, then there is a compromise which we feel is the minimum to gain good results from all five steps.





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