Plankton Extract


  • Lessens eyebags and dark circles
  • Smoothes eye contour lines
  • Provides glow for a younger look

Reduction of dark circles

21 female volunteers (22-65 years old) showing dark circles applied a cream with 1% Plankton Extract ingredient on one side of the eye contour area, and a placebo cream on the other side, twice a day, for 28 days. High resolution photographs were taken under cross polarised light and the vascular component (red colour) was analysed. Plankton Extract was shown to be 36% more effective than the placebo against dark circles.

Decrease in eyebags

A group of 20 female subjects (aged 41-66) showing eyebags used a cream with 4% Plankton Extract ingredient on half of the face around the eye and a placebo cream on the other half, twice a day, for 28 days. Fringe projection technique was used to evaluate the eyebags volume. Plankton Extract showed great visible improvement in eyebags.

Smoothing wrinkles

Skin topometry was determined by fringe projection in 18 female volunteers (40-54 years old) that applied a cream with 2% Plankton Extract ingredient or a placebo cream on the crow's feet wrinkles twice a day, for 14 days. FOITS technique allowed the obtention of average roughness (Ra), mean wrinkle depth (Rz) and maximum wrinkle depth (Rt). It showed a decrease of all wrinkle parameters.




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