Pina Colada Reed Diffuser


The aromatic spirit of a classic cocktail, this breezy fragrance blends pineapple, cream, coconut, sugar and white rum so you can fill your living space with the tropical scent of summer.

LeRêve Reed Diffusers feature premium quality perfume blended in a non-alcoholic solution for effective, intense home fragrancing for up to six months. The natural rattan reeds are tinted black with non-toxic colour dye for presentation. Reed Diffusers are the perfect way to freshen and brighten rooms where an open flame isn’t convenient. 


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Judith J
01 Apr 2020

Bought it because of the reviews and I'm glad I did. I love the pineapple and coconut smells that waft past me when I walk past. It does smell like a Pina Colada which is my favourite cocktail.

Jayde Holt
28 Mar 2019

I had the pleasure of a family trip to Gold coast over new years, every where we walked I could smell coconut lotion. When we arrived back home I set up the Pina Colada Reed Diffuser in my hallway/entry to the open plan of my home and for a week I kept walking intp my house smelling the same coconut smell which brought me back to our coast holiday, I didn't even realise it was my diffuser I thought it was my mind telling me to go back on holidays (hahaha). I just love how scent can take you back to a memory or in my case a simple family trip to the coast.

Karen Kelly
28 Mar 2019

Love this smell, it take you to a tropical island relaxing with your favorite cocktail in hand. The aromas of coconut and pineapple smell so amazing you might be tempted to drink it (But don't). This is a winner for me, my absolute favorite

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