Skincare FAQs

What is the most important step in effective skincare?

There are two that are equally important. Good hydration and use of a sunscreen are steps that are not optional in order to care for your skin.

What is your best skincare advice?

Start young, even in your teens, and develop a skincare ritual that works for you and becomes a happy habit. A routine as simple as cleansing, hydrating and using a good sunscreen will pay dividends all of your life.

How do I find out my skin type?

Gently wash your skin and leave it product free for several hours. Then examine different areas of your skin to determine its condition. You know your skin and can best judge its needs from observation and experience. Quality products will help normalise your skin.

How can I prevent premature ageing?

Start early to care for your skin. Always use a hydrator and spf sunscreen daily from a young age. Specialist serums will enhance and help you maintain young healthy skin.

Why does my skin feel dry when I hydrate regularly?

If you do not exfoliate regularly your hydrator will be far less effective because it will be blocked by dead skin cells. The deep-down repair achieved with a great serum will also ensure your hydrator is more effective.

I have very sensitive skin and am afraid of trying new products in case I react. What should I do?

Apply a small amount of product to the back of your wrist where the skin is thin and more sensitive. If you don’t get a concerning reaction it is likely the product will be fine on your face.

I have very oily, blemished skin and am afraid to apply anything to it. What should I do?

The skin needs a balance of oil and moisture. Oily skin is often dehydrated for the very response you explain. Apply a quality water-based hydrator to clean skin and your skin condition will improve and move towards normal.

How can I solve my acne problem?

Acne is most commonly a hormonal problem that subsides with age. Excellent hydration of the skin is essential while an enzyme exfoliator is gentle in removing excessive oiliness. Avoid harsh chemicals and over washing which may strip the skin and upset its ph balance. LeRêve offers a specialist Clarifying Anti-Blemish Serum with natural ingredients designed to assist.

Can I use more than one face serum at the same time?

Absolutely. The best way to do that is to use one serum in the morning and another at night. Alternatively, they may be mixed into a ‘cocktail’ and applied together.

Why does LeRêve recommend use of a hydrator and a serum instead of one or the other?

They have different functions. LeRêve Serums work deep in the layers of your skin to repair and reverse damage while our Hydrators protect the surface of the skin from moisture loss and environmental pollution.

Is a toner necessary?

Traditionally yes, but cleansers are more sophisticated these days making toners optional. The LeRêve Skincare system does not require a toner.

Why does LeRêve not have a day moisturiser and a night cream?

The science has moved on. Today’s super hydrators and serums are far more effective and relevant throughout the day and/or night than yesterday’s basic day and night moisturisers.

Why isn’t LeRêve’s bio-scientific skincare organic?

Some of our ingredients are organic but the science and supply of organics has not progressed far enough yet to provide sufficient organic ingredients that perform equally as well as the natural ingredients we have selected. Performance and results are our first and highest priorities.

Should quality skincare solve my skincare problems?

Quality skincare will make a positive difference whatever your skin condition. However, your skin is a reflection of your genetics, environment and lifestyle. A healthy diet, good sleep, alcohol in moderation, no smoking, avoiding stress and a happy lifestyle will all contribute to healthy, glowing skin.

I’ve just started using LeRêve Skincare and have found in the first few days that some products feel a little ‘tacky’ intially. Will that change in time?

For the first 4-5 days, your skin is adjusting to something new and better. The ‘tackiness’ will subside and you’ll be progressively delighted with how your skin looks and feels.

How long will my LeRêve skincare products last?

This depends on two factors… firstly, how often you use the product, for example, if you apply serum twice daily, your product will last half the time it will if you only apply once a day. Secondly, how much you use each time you apply, for example, most users find that half a pump of our Eye Serum is sufficient for application to both eyes. By providing the number of pumps in each bottle we enable you to calculate how long your products will last based on how you use them in your personalised beauty ritual.

If protecting the skin from sun damage is one of the most important skincare steps, why does LeRêve’s bio-scientific skincare range not include sunscreens?

Please watch this space!

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