Sorghum Vulgare Seed/Skin/Stalk Extract


  • Gluten-free cereal grain that lowers inflammation
  • Immediate soothing of irritation
  • Botanical ingredient lessens neurosensory irritation
  • Lowers skin inflammation
  • Sustainable care of overly reactive skin 

Effect on the inflammatory response

Forearm sensitive skin pretreated with 10% botanical ingredient in water or water alone (control) was exposed to 0.1% methyl nicotinate. The inflammatory response as monitored by subepidermal imaging.

Evaluation of neurosensory irritation

Botanical ingredient at 3% in water was applied to one side of the nasal fold and water alone (control) to the other side for 10 min, followed by the application of 12% lactic acid. Subjects rated the stinging reaction on a 0-4 scale during 15 min. The NSI score was calculated by summing up scores.



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