Passionberry Nectar Parfum Crème


A tropical explosion of juicy fruits and flowers, with apricot, blackcurrant, melon, passionfruit, vanilla, hibiscus and lotus flower.

Parfum Crème is a unique LeRêve creation, which marries the long-lasting fragrance that typifies parfum with a luxurious crème base. Parfum Crème is alcohol-free and is available in a 50mL glass pump dispenser. Lightly apply to pulse points on the wrists, neck or décolletage.



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Angela Deheaume
20 Mar 2019

This is the most special and divine crème I have EVER experienced on my skin. I love fragranced body lotions but this is top shelf luxury! As soon as you apply it, you instantly receive the delicious woft of fresh fruit and berries (better known as Passionberry Nectar - YUM!) and then a few seconds in and your skin is feeling completely silky, hydrated and moisturised, you are set for the day! I wear this daily as a chest, hand and arm moisturiser and it just makes you feel beautiful, confident and if you smell good, you feel good inside! Many people compliment me on this gorgeous fragrance that lasts many hours after applying! They can often smell the fragrance from another floor in the building!!! The packaging is also beautiful and makes an awesome gift for someone special or for any occasion! Highly recommendeda!!

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